Original or Print?

Introducing classic printmaking

Every piece of a classic fine art printmaking edition
is named an original by international art trade standards.

Classic types of fine art printmaking are

  • Woodcuts
    Printing from cutted wood plates

  • Etchings and Engravings
    Printing from etched or engraved metal plates

  • Lithographic Works
    Printing from prepared sandstone

  • Serigraphic Works
    Printing through silk screens

What you see in the final picture of a fine art graphic work are the traces of plate making,
not the reproduction of an already finished drawing or painting.

The print production process is an integral part
of the creative work of the artist and not a technical process of reproduction.

The Prenzlow Portfolio Collection is giving you a unique and memorable fine art serigraphic work,
inspired by the tradition of malt whisky making
and produced in the tradition of fine art print making.