Alfred Prenzlow

born 1965 in Leverkusen, Germany

Member of The Typefaith Group of Artists

Drawing • Fine Art Printmaking • Illustration

Exhibitions since 1986 in Galleries througout Europe
SMWS, London and Edinburgh
Art of Scotland Gallery, Leith,
Galerie im Ermelerspeicher, Schwedt,
British Embassy, Berlin,
Hanover Fine Arts Gallery, Edinburgh,
BiPi Gallery, Cologne,
Whisky-Villa The 99, Hannover, ...

Whisky related Projects
Glenfiddich Art Auction 2001
Bushmills Artist´s Reserve Single Sherry Cask Irish Malt Whiskey
Ardbeg Limited Edition Shirt 2003
Balvenie Graphic Works
, ...

Printmaking-Performances and related Projects
Hundred Artists, BMFSJF Berlin,
Screenprinting Stage, LKD Unna, ...

Graphic Work for Publishers and Magazines
Schobert´s Whisky Watch, ...

Educational Work and Projects
Foundation Course Graphic-Design KulturStadtLev,
North Oxfordshire College and School of Art, ...

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